Field development strategy, definition
and value optimization


Antium works with oil exploration and production clients and energy underwriting clients to optimise field developments and manage risk to portfolios of offshore assets exposed to hurricane damage.  

On investment projects, antium works with multi-disciplinary teams of sub-surface, facilities and economics professionals to evaluate petroleum assets and optimize development.  

On front-end projects, antium works with teams of discipline engineers, to identify optimal development solutions, providing expertise in strategy, costing, phasing and risk.  

On catastrophe modeling projects antium works with underwriters and risk managers to identify assets at risk and model the impact on the insured portfolio.  

On all projects, antium applies advanced information management and analysis skills to ensure that business decisions are based on information that is fully consistent, transparent and auditable.

  • Field development strategy, definition and optimisation.

  • Facilities engineering (definition, planning and costing).

  • Project management and contract supervision.

  • Techno-economic studies of emerging technologies (e.g. FLNG, marine CNG).

  • Coordination of integrated sub-surface, engineering and economics teams to arrive at optimal development plans.

  • Coordination of engineering teams to arrive at rigorous, fully auditable, costings, to support investment decisions.  

  • Information solutions for field development, including: database, GIS and remote sensing.

  • Energy insurance portfolio catastrophe modelling.

  • Marketing, business development, internal and external communications.

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